Healing the energetic bodies by means of Systemic Ritual

ONLINE – 4 workshops
DATES – 2023

Monday evenings – 7.30 – 9.30 PM – Amsterdam Time (CEST)
September 18, 25 October 9, 16

Costs: € 60.00 for the entire block
The costs include 21% VAT and syllabus

This course is part of the course in Systemic Ritual: /systemic-ritual.com/working-with-systemic-ritual/

In these workshops, we will work with the energetic bodies (fysical, etheric, astral, mental body and soul). Read more in this blog: five-bodies-of-our-being/

You will learn to perform well-defined systemic rituals related to common themes. You can integrate what you learn into your work as a coach or counsellor.
Systemic Ritual is a different form of constellation work, enriched with elements of shamanic ritual. In this method, Systemic Constellations are enriched with concepts from Shamanism.

The starting point of a systemic ritual is a challenge (problem or theme) of a client. A Systemic Ritual is set up with the aim of giving the client the strength and conviction to be able to handle the challenge. A Systemic Ritual always takes into account and always respects the client’s environment and the bigger picture in which the challenge occurs.
A systemic ritual can be seen as a mixture of shamanistic practices and (family) constellations. A Systemic Ritual aims to find what can give strength/support to bring balance in the entire (family) system.

Learn more about Systemic Ritual in this article: What is Systemic Ritual

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