Individual consultation systemic constellations and Systemic Ritual

Individual sessions, by appointment – +31 6 42181239.

Live in my practice or ONLINE (via zoom).

With the method of systemic constellations, the mutual relationships and the mostly hidden, unconscious dynamics that are present between people are made visible and realigned.

Which systems are you part of?

The most basic system you are a part of is your family. That is not only your current family but also the family you grew up in and all generations before that.

Experience shows that persistent patterns of behaviour or inexplicable feelings of guilt, shame, sadness, etc., originate in the family system and are ‘carried over’ and ‘lived through’ in other relationships, such as your relationships with colleagues or supervisors or your relationships with your friends.

In a constellation, the origin of these kinds of patterns can be uncovered and solved after all.

A constellation or systemic ritual can take place individually in my practice. For an appointment, you can contact me: +31 6-42181239 or

I also organise group meetings, online and live – see under workshops and courses.

Learn more about constellations and Systemic Ritual: What are family constellations / What is Systemic Ritual?

Costs for an individual session are: € 110.00.

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