Systemic Ritual – strenghtening the soul

On these afternoons we will work with Systemic Ritual in the context of strengthening the soul and healing of the energetic bodies.
These afternoons are part of the ‘Working with Systemic Ritual’ course. The rituals will therefore be supervised by students under the supervision of Susanne Hazen.

Amsterdam – 2022 – 14.00 – 17.30:
May 28 and/or – working with the energetic bodies – see:

May 29 and/or – the multiple soul – see:

May 30 – Soul Retrieval – see:

You can bring in a theme that interests you at this moment in your life in relation to health, wellness, living your passion, breaking through limitations you meet and getting rid of destructive patterns

Costs: € 85,– – when you want to bring in your issue/question
If you want to join without your own issue: Pay as you like.
The costs include 21% VAT, tea / coffee

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