Systemic Ritual – working with family issues and ancestors

On these afternoons we will explore (family) themes using Family Constellations and Systemic Ritual.
These afternoons are part of the ‘Working with Systemic Ritual’ course. The rituals will therefore be supervised by students under the supervision of Susanne Hazen.

Amsterdam – 2022 – 14.00 – 17.30:
May 21 and/or
May 22 and/or
May 23

The themes that can get attention are:
– Your ancestors – where is healing needed?
– Which of them can support you in your life?
– Your relationship with your family – where is healing needed, how can love start flowing again?
– Limitations or destructive patterns that you experience on your life path

You can bring in a theme that interests you at this moment in your life.

Costs: € 85,– – when you want to bring in your issue/question
If you want to join without your own issue: Pay as you like.
The costs include 21% VAT, tea / coffee

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