A course in Systemic Ritual

This course is intended for professionals who already have a practice in constellation work, coaching or counselling and want to learn more about Systemic Ritual and expand their tools. Some basic knowledge of family constellations is required.

For more information see or download the leaflet:

You will learn to perform well-defined systemic rituals related to common themes. You can integrate what you learn into your work as a facilitator, coach or counsellor.
The starting point of a systemic ritual is a challenge (problem or theme) of a client. A Systemic Ritual is set up with the aim of giving the client the strength and conviction to be able to handle the challenge. A Systemic Ritual always takes into account and always respects the client’s environment and the bigger picture in which the challenge occurs.
A systemic ritual can be seen as a mixture of shamanistic practices and (family) constellations. A Systemic Ritual aims to find what can give strength/support to bring balance in the entire (family) system. The Systemic Ritual method was developed by Daan van Kampenhout. Read more: Systemic Ritual

The training

The complete course exists of 4 online blocks. For each block, you can register separately. There are also 2 live blocks in Amsterdam. These consist of 3 full days. You will receive a certificate if you have participated in all blocks.

Block 1: /the-basics-of-systemic-ritual-connecting-with-resources-that-give-strength-support/

Block 2: /systemic-ritual-with-family-themes-and-ancestors/

Weekend 1: /advanced-course-systemic-ritual-1/

Block 3: /healing-the-energetic-bodies-by-means-of-systemic-ritual/

Block 4: /strengthening-the-soul-by-means-of-systemic-ritual/

Weekend 2: /advanced-course-systemic-ritual-2/

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