The White Spider and the mental body

(Photo: The Spider = from the PsychoMotion Methode Reflectiekaarten

In the article ‘Five bodies or our being‘ you could read about the different bodies.
In this article I describe a Systemic Ritual to support the mental body. You can perform this ritual alone or with others. In this ritual, the White Spider is used.

The mental body
The mental body can best be described as a structure that makes thinking possible. So it’s not the thinking or your thoughts themselves. It consists of channels and structures that determine how dreams, thoughts and associations are processed. The actual expression of the thinking process is done by the personality, the ‘me’ or ‘I’.
We find strong patterns in the mental body. Patterns consist of an automatic link between perceiving, recognising and feeling. The mental body has created paths that link past events, beliefs and emotions and lead to “automatic” responses.
Some of these automatic ‘responses’ or conditionings may be unfavourable for you and deeply grooved.
It takes practice to get rid of these destructive paths and put new ones in their place. So IT IS NOT A ONE TIME PRACTICE, BUT A PRACTICE YOU HAVE TO REPEAT AGAIN AND AGAIN.

The White Spider
The Spider can eat its own web. (That is a West aspect, cleansing) She reuses matter. Concerning the mental body, she can remove old structures and patterns. The Spider also can weave a new pattern or structure for you. (That is an East aspect).
She is also called Grandmother Spider or Crystal Spider.

A ritual to ‘heal’ patterns in the mental body

Take a seat in the centre of the wheel. You look to the South.
In the West (to your right) invite (in your mind or a representative) the White Spider that eats unfavourable paths.
To the East (to your left) invite (in your mind or a representative) the White Spider that creates new paths.

Ask the the Spider in the West:

“White Spider coming from the West. Certain patterns don’t serve me anymore. I ask you to help me get rid of these patterns.”

The White Spider in the West says:

“I am the White Spider who can break down, eat up, unfavourable pathways in your mental body. I help you to let go of what is no longer good for you at this moment of your life. I come from the West.”

Aks the Spider in the East:

“White Spider coming from the East. I want to replace old patterns that are not beneficial to me with new patterns that work better. Will you help me with this?”

The White Spider in the East says:

“I am the White Spider who creates new pathways in your mental body. I help you attract what is good for you at this moment in your life. I come from the East.”

And then you sit there for about 10 minutes – with a rattle or a drum or meditative music or just in stillness.
In these 10 minutes, you keep the image of the two White Spiders active. You repeat the sentences regularly. Just let happen what wants to happen.

You can repeat this ritual for a few days as long as it feels good to you.

Published by Susanne Hazen

Drs. Susanne Hazen is in 1988 afgestudeerd aan de Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht in Psychologie . Na deze opleiding is ze gaan werken in het welzijnswerk. In 2001 is ze eveneens afgestudeerd aan de toenmalige Academie voor Natuurgeneeskunde Hilversum. In 2002 is ze gestart met haar eigen praktijk. Ze doceert sinds 2002 Psychologie / Therapeutische Vorming aan de diverse opleidingen in CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). In de jaren 2004 en 2005 volgde ze de opleiding Familieopstellingen bij Harrie de Kruijff en ontving in juni 2005 het diploma. Sinds 2003 verdiept ze zich in het Sjamanistisch werk en heeft diverse trainingen gevolgd bij Daan van Kampenhout in Nederland en Zwitserland. In 2011 heeft ze de tweejarige training “Systemic Ritual®” afgerond. Wenst u meer informatie – zie haar profiel op LinkedIn.

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