Soul loss and soul retrieval

In shamanistic traditions, it is stated that parts of the soul can separate from us and that this separation, this loss of soul parts, can be a cause of physical and mental illness. In this context, by soul, I mean an intangible part of our being that gives us vital energy and houses emotions, memories, feelings, sentiments. (This idea of the soul is similar to the concept of the astral body – as described in the article “The Five Bodies”)

Lost parts of ourselves mean that we experience less energy/vitality because there is less ‘spirit’ in us due to the loss. A ‘full soul’ is fully present, clear, radiant. We unconsciously try to regain the lost parts through dreams, daydreams, quests for healing, spiritual disciplines, and by creating relationships with others that repeatedly mirror our lost soul parts.
This search requires a lot of energy, while we already lack power because we have lost parts.

Parts of the soul can be lost due to various circumstances. These do not always have to be extreme circumstances.

Examples through which soul parts can ‘depart’ are:

  • You are too busy and lose sight of your soul
  • The soul gets bored because you “don’t live it.”
  • Souls can get jealous and then go to a ‘better place.’
  • Difficult situations “It’s not fun here anymore, so I’m going to a better place.”
  • Trauma, including abuse, loss of a loved one, miscarriage, abortion, surgery, accident
  • Sudden and extreme shock/fear
  • Parts of the soul can also be ‘stolen’ by someone else.

Symptoms or expressions of soul loss are:

  • Lack of vitality and connection with life
  • The feeling of being ‘absent’ after, for example, the death of a loved one, an accident or after an operation – the feeling of still being a bit in the anaesthesia
  • Feeling after a divorce that ‘a part of you is still with the other person.’
  • Feeling of dissociation or depersonalization
  • Can’t remember a situation
  • Chronic depression

In shamanism, there are methods to bring the lost soul parts back to the person. This technique is called soul retrieval. Also, with the Systemic Ritual method, we can contact lost soul parts and help bring them back. After a soul retrieval, you will experience more connection with life, the earth, yourself and others.

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Inspired by:

Ingerman, S. Soul Retrieval. Mending the Fragmented Self.

Published by Susanne Hazen

Drs. Susanne Hazen is in 1988 afgestudeerd aan de Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht in Psychologie . Na deze opleiding is ze gaan werken in het welzijnswerk. In 2001 is ze eveneens afgestudeerd aan de toenmalige Academie voor Natuurgeneeskunde Hilversum. In 2002 is ze gestart met haar eigen praktijk. Ze doceert sinds 2002 Psychologie / Therapeutische Vorming aan de diverse opleidingen in CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). In de jaren 2004 en 2005 volgde ze de opleiding Familieopstellingen bij Harrie de Kruijff en ontving in juni 2005 het diploma. Sinds 2003 verdiept ze zich in het Sjamanistisch werk en heeft diverse trainingen gevolgd bij Daan van Kampenhout in Nederland en Zwitserland. In 2011 heeft ze de tweejarige training “Systemic Ritual®” afgerond. Wenst u meer informatie – zie haar profiel op LinkedIn.

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