The veil between the material world and the ‘other world’.

It is said that around the beginning of November, the veil between the living or the material world and the world of the deaths /gods/saints/spirits or the ‘other world’ is at its thinnest and that on these days, contact with the other world can be most easily accomplished.

Collective Ancestors

In a narrow sense, our ancestors are our relatives with whom we have a blood relationship. In a broader sense, it also means joint relatives from earlier times, from which we descend collectively – as humanity, nation, community, population group.
In the article ‘Our ancestors, who are they?’ you can read about the Ancestors we have a blood relationship with. This article is about our collective ancestors.

Spirit Animal Helpers

I am fond of animals. Because I care for them, I don’t eat meat since I am 16 years old. Dairy I only take from biological farms (and yes, I know even that is not entirely fair). I really detest the way animals are treated in our society for human consumption, clothing or labour. IContinue reading “Spirit Animal Helpers”