Hidden dynamics – live in Amsterdam

Exploring hidden dynamics that hinder your development on a mental, emotional and soul level.
A healing journey that will give you more strength to walk your life path.

In this training, we will explore (family) issues with help of Systemic Ritual and Familyconstellations.

Saturday mornings, 10.00 – 13.00 CEST
24 September, 15 October, 12 November, 10 December 2022

Apart from your own issues, you wish to bring in, we will work with:

  • the ancestor field – where is healing needed? Which ancestors can give strength and support?
  • your life path – where did something go wrong, how can we heal that part?
  • your relationship with your family members – where is healing needed, how can love start to flow again?

You will learn about the basics of family systems and you will experience the proper orders between members. You will experience the difference between family constellations and Systemic Ritual.

€ 35,– for each workshop. € 120 for the whole series of 4 workshops.

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