The four directions

The wheel of the four directions – also known as the Medicine Wheel – is a model from shamanic cultures. The wheel teaches you that there are always four perspectives from which you can look at things. The four views are derived from the four directions: North, East, South, West.

The veil between the material world and the ‘other world’.

We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. African saying. It is said that around the beginning of November, the veil between the living or the material world and the world of the deaths /gods/saints/spirits or the ‘other world’ is at its thinnest and that on these days, contact with the other world can beContinue reading “The veil between the material world and the ‘other world’.”


Our ancestors – who are they? In a narrow sense, our ancestors are our relatives with whom we have a blood relationship. In a broader sense, it also means joint relatives from earlier times, from which we descend collectively – as humanity, nation, community, population group. This blog is about the first definition – theContinue reading “Ancestors”

What are family constellations?

Family constellations is a method in which the relationships and hidden dynamics between family members are made visible. And even more than making it visible is that a constellation works towards a healing resolution. That is the point where a new, more natural and healing balance for the whole system is found. The point where love between all members can flow again.
I like to say that a family constellation works with the family soul or family karma. A constellation reveals what is happening in the family soul and heals that soul.

Five bodies of our being

From various traditions, including shamanic traditions, anthroposophy and Hinduism, we know the concept of the human being consisting of several bodies and not just a physical body.
Each tradition has its own concept about the physical, gross material, and subtle or energetic bodies.
Apart from the physical body, we cannot see those other bodies with our well-known senses. We can observe these energetic bodies, for example, with the help of Systemic Ritual or Shamanic journeys.