Multiple souls

Photo:Design: Alma MekkingPaintings by: David Ridley Every culture and religion believes in a concept of the soul or whatever it is called. There is a belief that we are more than our body and that we also have a soul, which continues after the body’s death and returns to where it once came from.In shamanisticContinue reading “Multiple souls”


Our ancestors – who are they? In a narrow sense, our ancestors are our relatives with whom we have a blood relationship. In a broader sense, it also means joint relatives from earlier times, from which we descend collectively – as humanity, nation, community, population group. This blog is about the first definition – theContinue reading “Ancestors”

What are family constellations?

Family constellations is a method in which the relationships and hidden dynamics between family members are made visible. And even more than making it visible is that a constellation works towards a healing resolution. That is the point where a new, more natural and healing balance for the whole system is found. The point where love between all members can flow again.
I like to say that a family constellation works with the family soul or family karma. A constellation reveals what is happening in the family soul and heals that soul.