What are Family Constellations?

Over the past months, I have already shared a lot about family constellations and Systemic Ritual. In this blog, it is time to find out what family constellations actually are and where this form of alternative psychotherapy comes from. I will go into more detail on this in the coming months.

What is the impact of the family of origin on your relationships?

In previous blogs, I described situations in current relationships and from previous relationships that impact your current relationship. Today I will discuss the last part: what happened in the family of origin that affects the current situation?

The negative impact of previous relationships on your current relationship

In this blog, you will read about the impact of previous relationships on your existing relationship. How can a previous relationship impact your current relationship? About: unfinished separation, and the impact on descendants.

Events that have an impact on your relationship – Part 2

In the previous blog, I wrote about balance and disbalance in relationships and what impact this has on a relationship. It is about giving and taking, but what if one person gives much more than the other? I’ll tell you more in this blog by describing situations that impact the current relationship if nobody pays attention to it.

Events that have an impact on your relationship – Part 1

Various events that happen while being in a relationship have an impact on that relationship. This can be an affair, the loss of a job, the passing of one of the parents, or a disbalance in giving and taking. In the following few blogs, I’ll tell you everything about the different levels of impact. Today I’ll describe the first level: what happened in the current relationship that didn’t get any attention?

Attachment: a short introduction

When you get into a relationship, you leave family norms and values behind, and one of the partners tries to get something from the other that he/she could not get from his/her parents. And yes, the other person has a lot of influence on your relationship. But: the attachment style you have with your parents also has a lot of influence. In this blog I’ll give you a short introduction about the different attachment styles and how a Systemic Ritual can help with that.

Systemic Ritual for cross-cultural and non-traditional relationships

When two people come together and start being a couple, both of them will have that loyalty to their family of origin. Two different perspectives come together, that will want to move forward on a shared path.